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“I don't know another app which lets you find people literarily around you who are also looking to meet new people at that moment. So don't need to set a date/place to meet someone, which is so much pressure. I gave four stars cuz, I wish more people was using it, so when I see a handsome guy I could just check-in to see if he is also interested in meeting;) We all know those moments you pass by a cool guy, he kind of looks at you, you kind of look at him but there is no way you can approach to him unless you are fast enough to drop your pen or something :p Well anyway, guys download the app, make our life easy ;)”
PrettyGirl2424 - Rating: 4/5

“In the plethora of location based dating app, this one was a great find. What's nice is that it lets me restrict my picture till I want to reveal it. So cool!”
Mansi5 - Rating: 5/5

“This app is unique for singles in that they are able to connect with individuals nearby without compromising privacy. It's fun because it creates a sense of mystery for users and encourages them to communicate with others without immediately revealing their identity by using the chat function. It's great for those that are intimidated by the notion of dating and creates a casual environment.”
N.mirzaei - Rating: 5/5

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